Session 5: Listening

This page provides additional resources to that provided under Session Five in the book or on my Wide Horizons website where you will find the  whole book in its entirety as well as the additional notes on this website. Here, by holding your cursor over the title of this page in the menu just below the picture, you can:

    • learn more about Ken Wilber
    • listen to my comments on the Bible passage
    • Read the full poem: Stabat Mater
    • explore the ideas of Myers-Briggs
    • find prayers on the topic of listening
    • discover more about Anthony de Mello

This is also where you can make a comment about either the passage from Ken Wilber’s book or my comments on the bible passage or the topic in general.

Freya Wilber talks about how her vulnerability as a cancer suffered makes if very important that she feels listened to and Ken writes about how important is to him to really take in what his wife is going through.

My thought reflects on some of the difficulties involved in listening.

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