Learning – more about Unconditional Positive Regard

Being offered Unconditional Positive Regard “is an attitude of grace, an attitude that values us even knowing our ailings. It is a profound relief to drop our pretences, confess our worst feelings, and discover that we are still accepted.”(D.J.Myers)

Here are some ideas about what Unconditional Positive Regard might involve:


  • Acceptance of another person: their views, opinions and beliefs, being non-judgmental and impartial.
  • Respect: respecting a person in their dignity and brokenness as a person
  • Valuing: embracing the person you encounter, and valuing them as a unique and valuable person
  • Prizing: celebrating achievements and what is of value in the person’s eyes.
  • Caring: being concerned for the person, and wanting the best for them
  • Nurturing: wanting to help the person to grow in whatever ways are open for their growth as a person
  • Compassion: feeling compassion for how hard life can be for a person struggling to cope, or to find what is important to them, in a world that they may experience as hostile
  • Warmth: experiencing a warmth inside for the person
  • Love: experiencing the full richness of a non-possessive love for the person in this relationship.

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