Session 2:Caring for yourself

This page provides additional resources to that provided under Session Two in the book or on my Wide Horizons website where you will find the entire contents of the book as well as the additional notes on this website. Here, by holding your cursor over the title of this page in the menu just below the picture, you can:

    • learn more about Sheila Cassidy
    • listen to my comments on the Bible passage
    • read the complete Ogden Nash poem I refer to
    • explore Pelagius and Augustine
    • find prayers on the topic of self-care
    • explore more about what Jung might have meant

This is also where you can make a comment about either the passage by Sheila Cassidy or my comments on the bible passage or the topic in general.

Sheila Cassidy writes about the tendency people who care have to hide their vulnerability. She implies this is sometimes necessary but often we do it when it isn’t.

My thought suggests that we need to learn to love ourselves because often in growing up we learnt not to.

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