How each session is structured

Each session has the following ingredients:

Opening reflection: the group listens to a well-known song and says together a short prayer based on it.

Gathering time:  a short time of sharing to allow people to settle.

Exploring:  the group reads something written by a carer or someone being cared for (for example, Sheila Cassidy, Mary Craig, Ken Wilbur, Grace Sheppard, Frances Young) and discusses it, using some suggested questions

Reflecting:  the group listens to, or reads, a comment by the author based on something Jesus said or did related to the week’s theme and looks at some questions based on it.

Learning:  the group discovers and discusses the insights related to the session’s topic of a thinker (e.g. Buber, Brother Lawrence, Pelagius), psychologist (e.g. Carl Rogers, Myers and Briggs) or poet (e.g. Keats).

Prayer:  a structure is offered for prayer for members of the group and those they care for or a time of free prayer may be preferred.

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