About me

I retired from fulltime Methodist ministry in 2009. I’m still enjoying the new freedom but also the chance to do some writing. This website tells you about what I’ve had published. You can also listen to some of my sermons.

The son and grandson of Methodist ministers, I determined in my early teens not to follow in their footsteps. But in my last year at school, I felt that was exactly what God wanted from me. I then decided to postpone offering myself till I had experienced “ordinary” life and trained as a teacher! Again I felt this wasn’t the way forward and began my ministry in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the age of 24. I’ve since worked in churches in Braintree, Wood Green and Finsbury Park, Notting Hill and Haywards Heath. I’ve done prison and school chaplaincy and broadcasting (the Pause for Thought slot in the breakfast show Terry Wogan used to compere).

I’m married to Myriel, a pyschotherapist and art dealer. She’s not working fulltime at the moment because of spinal problems and rheumatoid arthritis and it was when she was going through particular pain  with these that I retired slightly early to care for her. She’s now much better and we’re living in Ewell. I have three children and three step-children.

I’ve never regretted changing my mind about being a minister. It’s not a job that cuts you off from “ordinary” life at all and I hope in what I write to share what I’ve learnt about living and about God from my 38 years of ministry and my own experience of growing and making sense of things.

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